Our Heritage – Jørgen Nielsens

Jørn Holm Larsen’s Violin construction company has succeded Jørgen Nielsen’s Violin construction company.

 Jørgen Nielsen’s Violin Construction

Violinmaker company historyWorkshop story begins in 1885 when C. Ferdinand Arvesen (1865 – 1920) created his violin workshop in Slotsgade 21 in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

In 1925 Hans Dahl purchased  this workshop and moved it to Slotsgade 7, where it was located when Jørgen Nielsen in 1950 took over the workshop.

In 1972 Jorgen Nielsen moved  workshop to Store Strandstræde 14 and later in 1986 to Queen Cross Street 52nd.
In connection with succession in 2007 -2008 the name was changed to Jørn Holm Larsen Violin Construction Aps., and this workshop is located in in Kronprinsessegade 34th since 2013.